We invite you attend an interactive day event introducing the Mass Observation Project 1981-2014 as a data source for researchers

Continuity and Change in Volunteering

FreeVectorClockPreviewThe ‘Continuity and Change in Volunteering’ is a mixed-methods research project which explores individual attitudes and behaviours towards volunteering, and individual views on the role and responsibility of the state towards provision for social need, across a period of thirty years.

The timeframe (1981-2012) encompasses two periods of austerity, and a period of relative prosperity, thus providing economic and social policy context to our understanding of voluntarism during this period, and uncovering dynamics that may be pertinent to understanding volunteering into the future.

The project is based at the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Southampton, and is funded by the ESRC’s Secondary Data Analysis Initiative Phase I (ES/K003550/1).

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